Friday, March 2, 2012

Note to self:


- not a good idea to complain.  It just encourages those pesky gods of interference and nortiness.

- not a good idea to complain.  Doesn't make anything feel better.

- not a good idea to complain.  Gives others funny ideas about me not being made of tungsten after all

- not a good idea to complain.  I thought we had a good outcome following the NO rant; then the washing machine died.  The BRAND NEW washing machine.  Just a little failure-ette; the door won't open.  But it's full of washed clothes and (naturally) it's Friday arvo so I fear what festering fabric festiness awaits when a service dude can come (perhaps) on Monday!

- not a good idea to complain.  Makes me home-sick for my norty cat.

- not a good idea....

Better ideas:

- cats

- fresh-baked cinnamon rolls for brekkie ... AND

- FBCRFB baked by a bestie!  Purrfect.

- TGIF! So I can stop listing for a bit.

- strangely enough my middle name isn't Pollyanna, but I can count a few blessings..  and sit quietly Home Alone for a while.  M is out boozing with a dorter!

- sitting down in general.  Have I (yeah I know I have) ever mentioned (only a few dozen times) my fabbo Ikea chair?  My beloved Poang?  Yep, got it at the flat.  Am currently jiggling one leg whilst blogging on the other.  A form of purrfection fur sure.

- perfume.  Tricky choice today.  Partly cos I dropped in to Proper Home to apologise to my pusscat and get the mail.  She followed me to the bedroom and pointed at my cold, empty bed.  I agreed with the sentiment but got (easily) distracted by my collection of gorgeous lil bottles.  Settled on ... can you guess??



Cath said...

FYI: cheat's cinnamon rolls are here -

Use SR flour. I passed on the icing, it seemed quite sugary enough. And added pecans.

BJ said...

I would have eaten the icing happily. What is this 'sweet enough' of what you speak??