Thursday, March 22, 2012

No no!..

Thank you oh interfering gods of mischief. M returned to hospital in the early hours of the morning today with an egg-frying temp. The fever was reduced fairly quickly, other things took longer.  Diagnosis is pneumonia, UTI and a throat infection.

It scared me how fast it came on. But ambos were quick and amazing.  The hospital staff also quick and amazing to give first treatments.  Now he's waiting, waiting for a bed in the respiratory ward.  I've been home to sleep and woken to find I'm not so well myself.  Family and friends will be, as always, amazing and helpful and supportive.


sod it.

UPDATE: M has been admitted to the respiratory ward and is stable.  He'll need to be in hospital for several days at least.  I'm taking my coffee pot and my book and going home to my cat.  

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