Monday, March 26, 2012

Back in limbo..

M is recovering but the situation at the hospital is very poor in terms of his non-respiratory needs.  Yesterday it took FOUR HOURS for the nurses to get him up, showered and dressed.  Exhausting and frustrating for him.  Later the wardsmen getting him back to bed broke a small but crucial part on his wheelchair.  We are so vulnerable..

I fell over on the weekend, needing to sleep and beat my dang sinuses into submission.  I think my immune system takes careful note of when there is a chink of time for me to actually stop, and takes advantage.  Nothing else explains it.  The thought that a body system has functioning sentience is a bit scary tho!

Nothing else to report except a very happy cat thanks to resident me for a few days.  I'll have to stop this indulgence very soon.  We don't know how long M will have to stay in hospital but are hopeful it won't be too long, as he's continuing to respond well.  I stuck a small bomb under the doc this morning about slack physios (they have been seeing M but not doing anything, I pointed out the value of proactive management vs wait-n-see).

I see that in a former life I did something (I do wonder WHAT) which means that in this life I seem doomed to spend lots of time pointing out the bleedin obvious to people.  I sometimes wonder if I should just have a tattoo on my forehead which says JUST DO YOUR JOB.

It will never catch on.

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