Tuesday, March 6, 2012

And furthermore..

The List of Doom took a serious blow today.  At last!

Credit union dude helped me work out why the monies was busted.  We applied a cyber-bandaid and I should be able to feed the children again in a week or so.  Phew!

In other news, the temporary replacement/new/replacement new/new temporary replacement washing machine will be delivered tomorrow morning, pending proper replacement of the new replacement machine.  My fears for my festering clothes .. allayed to some extent by the office people's offer to launder them (if and when they ever see the light of day again).  At least (says she attempting levity) they'll be really REALLY well-rinsed...

Today we both feel a sense of achievement after a lot of fanging around on and off campus.  No-one got lost, wet or combobulated.  We dined thanks to me mum, again.  Tomorrow whoopee! we will try something called Eating At A Restaurant.

That's better.

[Brought to you by a minor panic over not having a clean shirt, and some delicious blasts of Gucci.]

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