Monday, August 6, 2012


Mad rush this morning to get going.  Finally we charge out the door on the exact dot of leaving o'clock and make our windy way to the bus stop.  Half way there and what do I spy coming towards us, not the right way at all, and turning at the corner juuuust too far away? Yep, our bus.

M dropped his chair into 2nd, revved up the engine and charged towards it, waving wildly.  I attempted to break into a jog, break being the operative word.  This is what we saw:


Right.  I gather the route has changed then?? This has made a good 7 minutes difference to the timetable.  Enough for us to miss it easily and thereby f*ck up our day quite comprehensively.

..sooo... we went back to the flat and reorganised everything.  And rang the bus company who said 'nup, not us, nothing's wrong, have you had your tablet today??''.