Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hitting the wall (take THAT!!)..

Rotten day today.

HOURS on the phone wrangling case manager, care agency, gp, and the future of the Western World As We Know It... felt like it anyway.  We have a problem with a carer who won't take no for an answer.

As in, NO you can't sit in our living room (one of our four rooms) for two hours from 10pm, in between shifts.  Ever heard of privacy?

NO you can't demand I change my mind by saying that while you are sitting there you are praying that god will help M get up and walk again.  I don't DO theology and especially not at that hour, in me nightie.

NO you also can't tell me it's a problem for you because you have to drive 'all the way to Gunghalin and back' in between shifts.  All the way??!!

NO it is also not my problem that you therefore use petrol and as you are a student you feel worried about money.  This is your JOB, isn't it??  IE, didn't you agree to take money for what you do?  Didn't you discuss these issues with your employer?

NO I won't intervene for you with the care agency to discuss a possible problem with rosters/shift times/what you think you were told by text.

NO it is not ok for you to be angry with me, the agency staff on the phone, or M.  Nor is it okay for you to pout and talk (again) about your problems.  I am not your charity!!


NO I don't bloody want anyone else to have to talk to, notice, acknowledge, consider or even ignore.  I wrangle, advocate, work, pester, push, pacify, organise, discuss, note, assess and ignore Major Issues all day.  At night I'd prefer I be left alone with my honey, my fan (and damn this endless humid weather), and my bucket of icy limoncello.

All of this would be so much easier if I was being badly treated by a cat.


.. (YES, I discussed all this with the care agency.  And YES, I can 'sack' him if necessary.)

UPDATE: In spite of its originally fairly dire predictions, the care agency has replaced this difficult carer with others.  We still have a couple of shifts to go, but I'm clear that he has to be 'sacked' from us and that we are not asking for something unusual or problematic.  It's a pity we couldn't work it out.  Another Lesson Learned.

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