Saturday, February 25, 2012


Today, that is yesterday, that being Friday, I stumbled through the day. Exhausted, sore, cranky and bewildered. Mostly bewildered. I posted the car and watered the golliwog. Dealt graciously with the unexpected cleaner who turned up (by immediately utilising this miracle, no hesitation!). Cancelled lunch BEFORE 8pm. Remembered to write down at least three important things, and even spoke rationally to someone asking me something vital. Which I have now forgotten, oh dear...

And ACHED to be able to lie down and go to sleep. All day.

So WHY am I awake now, unable to shut me eyes and get the rest I need? Can't be the decaf I had 7 hours ago.. can't be my wildly uncontrollably high energy level.. can't be worry (I'm all out of that) or lostness or even a half-decent list of things I need to write down.

It must be the lack of cat. Clearly I am unable to go to sleep without a half-broken ankle squished under a no-longer-so-very-small little cat. The same wee puss who enjoys taking a running jump onto my chest at 5.30am when she fancies brekkie.

Or the world has turned upside down and I didn't notice. Quite likely.



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