Thursday, February 23, 2012

You never told me THAT

.. this new life means talking, talking talking.. and not for fun. Double-checking, fixing, arguing, explaining, misunderstanding, understanding only too well ... advocating, shouting, speechlessly-goldfish-mouthing, trying, failing and sometimes getting the point across..

.. M would need me so badly or leave me so easily!

.. I'd be moving out of my house against my will, fixing up a teeny flat against my will, and LOVING the reason why .. and discovering that you can replicate many things in your temporary second home, but not your favourite mug, your pillow or your cat..

.. I could manage with only two perfumes in the stash (today) ..

.. I'd dream of being bored..

.. I could travel so far without moving; learn so much without trying, or do so many things I can't do ..

.. having friends is one of the most undervalued, underestimated, crucial and crazy blessings to not even know you deserve..

.. catching up with schoolmates I barely remember, 35 years on, could be so much fun..

.. I'd write like this without blushing.

[Day four and except for bits dropping off the wheelchair; moments of terror and FAR too many towels to wash, all is well.]

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