Thursday, May 31, 2012

Colours, squared..

As promised, photos!  (Also, as perhaps implied, not very good photos.  Taken with my phone is my excuse.)

First, here is a photo of some colour inspiration - a Cotinus or smoke bush.  I have several of them growing near the front entry of the house. At this time of year they are fading from darkest red/brown into their autumn colours.  I like the vivid orange against the red brick wall, offset by the grey foliage of the curry plants on the right.

Many of the wools are a fleck or variegated.  This doesn't show up very well in such strong light, except for the gradations in the brown 'triangles'. The entire centre offset square and about half the surrounding stripes is made from 2 skeins of a variegated boucle.  I'm trying to work in some teals and a bit of grey to offset the rich red/brown tones.

Square draped over the couch, in the shadow of the screen door. Once again the direct light is bleaching out the colours a bit but you get the idea.

Creative energy is always well-spent.  What a pity I don't feel that managing paperwork, wrangling Important Things and doing the washing are creative activities!

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