Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Working on changing..

. the shoulds into coulds.

This is a much more positive mindset.  Perhaps because the sun came out after some evil chilly winds?  Perhaps because a few days of complete rest is a good idea from time to time.. perhaps because my honey smiled a lot on the weekend while we blobbed around. It's better, anyway.

I'll refrain from making a list.  Needless to say I haven't done all I could, or should.  Or can.  But when faced (yesterday) with the need to decide what to do today with my sis (my acquired sis, for those who might wonder), I ran my mind over the endless list of tasks and opted instead for 'going to the movies'.  We were lucky, the right movie was on at the right time, and thanks to some sisterly coordination were fully supplied with a sandwich and a coffee during the screening.  We went to see this and enjoyed it very much.  Not the most profound movie, not the most sophisticated, but very fine entertainment.  

And the cinema is in the same shopping centre as one of the very few yarn outlets in Canberra.  I was forced, forced I tell you, to have a look and see if I could find some of the RIGHT purple for my current craft project - a very simple crocheted square which is growing up to be a blanket for M's bed.  You want a picture?  I shall try to get one in the sunlight tomorrow and post it in the next snort.

I rarely start making something with any plan, let alone any pattern.  I look through my wool; fiddle around with some colours; pick up some needles or a crochet hook, and off I go.  I have an idea; I want to try a new stitch; I'm inspired by the colours in an artwork or a piece of fabric.  Sometimes I've bought wool because it was so beautiful I couldn't leave it behind.  Knowing that at some point I would look at the colours and feel inspired to start something.  I don't make clothes. Yet! (I've started making a sock about eleventeen times and never made it past the first five rows).

I just start making something.  It tells me it wants to be a big square or a long rectangle or a scarf or a thing made up of lots of little bits of things.  And I work on it, happily letting it emerge as itself. That is quite fascinating but what happens next is magic - it finds a home.  It finds a purpose, a new owner/admirer; it turns out to be someone's favourite colour or just the right size for their cushion or perfect for keeping in the car.  It flings itself around the neck or lap or furniture of the home it wants to go to.

Finding its home can take time but without fail, something I have loved making but don't NEED to keep, will be just the thing for someone or something (the cats of my life have notably taken over many of these woolly creations).  And off it goes!  The wonderful thing about this process is that I never feel 'oh I can't make another one of these, what will I do with it?' etc.  I KNOW it will find a home eventually. And no, I don't have great stacks of creations lying around.  Remarkably few apart from those already in service.

See?  The magic works.

Here is a drawing of a fantasy woolly object.  I've used some of my favourite colours.  Tomorrow, a photo I promise.

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