Saturday, May 12, 2012

Another Distinction!

M passed his hospital tests with flying colours. No abnormalities, signs of Nasty Things To Come, stones, cancerous anythings, kinks, wibbles or furfles.

It took nearly 9 hours door to door, although the procedure itself took barely 15 minutes.  We were both asleep when the carers came at 9pm to help M into bed. I sacked out fully dressed in the bed, woke up at 3am and got meself organised.  M was asleep in his chair and has no memory of being moved!

Interesting.  We didn't endure any trauma, we weren't particularly nervous or upset.  Mostly we sat/lay around.  I guess the amount of nervous tension we did have was enough to wear us out.  And usually good news gives you a boost.

Oh well.

He's clear now for (the doc said) a good 10 to 15 years!  I'll hold him to that.

I feel a drawing coming on for my next post!

Thursday brought to you by eau d'hospital.  Friday brought to you by my dear friend Gucci.  I might consult him further today!

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