Monday, June 11, 2012

Another four-letter word..



As in, long weekend.  Lots of time to read and enjoy the sun that pours into the flat.  I have to shield my eyes in the morning as I open my bedroom door - the courtyard door faces east and the sun is almost too bright to penetrate.  Only the thought of coffee (which I can make with my back to the light, phew) gets me through.

It's also divinely sunny in the afternoon as the sun slants over my bed.  Very tempting place to lie and read if feeling slothful.  An inadvertent trip to a bookshop yesterday fuelled my sloth nicely!

Tomorrow is mine all mine.  Sadly I fear the long in tomorrow will be 'long time spent on paperwork', but that's worth it to get it done.

Sort of.



Here's a picture to take my mind off that!

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