Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Very quickly..

M is much better, all blood tests showing major improvement.

Our travel plans now re-sorted and we go to Tallinn on Wednesday afternoon.

Sorry puter about to run out of memory (I finally found a WiFi cafe) so will blog at length tomorrow morning, my time.

I am fine, M is much much better, everyone is going out of their ways to be helpful and NOT impose huge fees for change of booking dates. I am eating excellent Russian chocolate and M is allowed to have steamed chicken!

So no more worrying from dear ones please. More details soon...

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Anonymous said...

Very relieved to hear that M has regained his bloody balance. I will pass on your news to members of the Amputees Arms at lunch today. We are well and busy, at 3Centigrade on a sunny Canberra morning. Fricks