Friday, August 1, 2008


M tootled off to the Emergency Medical and Dental Centre (we call them hospitals) and in 1 hour and 15 minutes, after waiting for only one patient before him, he was fixed. As we thought, it was a crown which had come away (this has happened to M before), so the dentist just checked the rest of the tooth was healthy, then glued it back in. This will tell you two things: the beef strog we had for lunch really WAS chewy, and the power of glue is just amazing. Tarzan's Grip rools!

So, with heavy sighs of relief, we have re-made today - M is doing a quick recce around town, retrieving dry cleaning, laundry, and going to that bloody elusive booze shop. Then (when MLP has showered, unguented and made herself beeyootiful) we shall set out for the bus to the Norwegian Knitting Museum. Depending on energy levels, we may then jump on the little free tourist bus which wanders around Bergen, jump on/jump off, showing off the main sights. To some extent we haven't seen them, although yesterday as we farnarkled around trying to find the laundry, grog shop etc, we saw a lot of the (extremely charming) back streets. There are no 'modern' areas here - the entire city is a heritage site, so all modern buildings have to be constructed in a sympathetic style. It makes for very romantic surroundings.


Today brought to you by two large lattes, omelette on a bun, and I think it must be Prada purrfume, only the best for a smiling B! All I need is a cat and life would be purrfect.

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