Friday, August 1, 2008

All that matters...

... is a cat. And after a pretty damn purrfect afternoon - details in next blog entry - we were graced by a visit from a very fluffy tabby/torty cross Norsk pussk. He had a lot to say, and because we have been here 5 days, we understood purrfectly. I quote: "Neglected, misunderstood, starved and forced to suffer indignities like cruising strangers at a bus stop for a bit of attention. Waaa.. "

I, sook sook, took lots of photos and a movie or two (on Le Camera) to prove that Norwegian catspeak is not unlike feline dialects across the world.

We are packing tonight, ready to abandon our luggage twice tomorrow - once at the hotel foyer, for the afternoon, and then again at the Hurtigruten tent at the Fish Market, ready to embark!!!!! at 6pm, and sail!!!!!!! at 8pm. I can't really quite believe we're going to do it, but now M has the grog (what pisspots we must sound, and how anal are the Bergenese with their two wee liquor shops, and their 6pm beer-selling closing time at the supermarket. Is there a problem??? *I* aint got one)... we can sail away and, if we like, not set foot on land unless we need more tonic water. Wowee!

The Prada was purrfect. I hope you out there, my dear ones and my unknown readers who I would like to know more of, are all well, warm or cool enough, and within grasping distance of whatever it is that soothes you most. G'night fur now.


Hil said...

Well, I've had my head down working hard, but was surprised none-the-less to see so many new posts since the pining for the fjords one (and yes, I like the gumming for the billabong thing, M!). I hadn't realised I had been so clever.

My mum had a friend who lost a crown in deepest Lapland long ago, and since she was away from civilization for a while she did araldite her tooth back together. Her dentist nearly had a fit, but I've always thought there can't be too much difference in epoxies of one sort or another! Glad M got his fixed so quickly.

So... now you must be sailing - how exciting! Perhaps you will be lucky enough to see the northern lights and other sorts of magic! How far north do you go?

infoaddict said...

I am not at all surprrrrised that you managed to find a cat to be smooched at by (er ... ). I only wonder that it took so LONG!!

You are sounding much more cheerful and relaxed; hopefully the fresh sea air will calm the asthmaticky stuff, and the crowns will stay in place (as the dubiously proud owner of both, I can absolutely relate to your eeep! moments).

May good food, excellent smells, and brilliant coffee trail behind your sea-going voyages :)


Cath said...

Was it a huge cat? I've heard of Norwegian forest cats, but never seen one.

sry for not posting replies earlier, I have been Not Blogging until now. Glad you have survived. Did you find out who the mysterious Doc Wombat is?

BJ said...

Hill we go a loooooong way north, all the way to the northern end of Norway, and back to the east, then slightly south, to land in a town called Kirkenes. Look it up on ze Google map.

I'm glad you're well and working hard. How is YOUR trip planning going? I hope you are busy chucking extra goodies into the travel basket and deciding the hell with it, why not spend the kid's inheritance now!

I recommend it! xxb.

BJ said...

Hiya Fi and Cath,

lovely to see notes from familiar faces.. no I haven't found out who Dr Wombat is (yet). It's an intrigue. Cath I'm sorry to see you're having such a shitty winter. Why not post yourself to a nice Polynesian island for a bit until it wears off? Take Fi with you (and Beth) and send me some equally jealous-making blogs about fabbo holidaying.

I would find MINE a lot easier if my nose would fukoff.

Heh, I made all the poms at our dinner table laugh. This Ozygirl rocks!