Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tallinn, god sei dank..


This is FAR more important than any mere detail about it being my umptieth with a nought on the end birthday. I got two presents - M was discharged from the klinik, and we got stamped out of Russia and into Estonia. Pheeeewwwww...

I have tons of stuff I wrote about our time in St Petersburg when we were only tourists, and some stuff about the time M was in hospital, so I'm going to post it on top of this. I can't be bothered going through it all after posting and altering the dates so it goes in the blog in strick date order. Yes, yes, I KNOW I'm a Virgo, but I also know when I'm beat. And today, I'm free!

I've been doing this: sleep, up for brekkie - where we had real food; muesli, fruit, proper cuppa teas; scrambled eggs, wow - back to sleep, and then some very elegant lolling around in the hotel room. Silk nightie, red toenails, iPod favourites and a bucket of purrfume. Now I am in the hotel foyer making good use of the free WiFi while M is snoozin;. He's ok btw, very tired from the journey (you'll see why), but getting back his appetite and relaxing.

Today brought to you by relief, safe drinking water in the taps, and latte heaven.

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