Monday, June 16, 2008

Virgin blues..

I need to change some flight bookings.

There, that wasn't such a hard thing to say was it?


Go to website, find Manage Bookings.  Insert booking number it says.  I look it up and duly insert.  BZZTT!!! Wrong info, go back, try again, har har we won't let you, ner ner ner.  I do this riveting circle several times, going back to check my booking details from a few weeks back when I made them.  It is too my booking number.

Nup says Virgin.

So how can I check what it is, then, if the dang website won't let me into the intimate details of what *I* paid for??  Mystery, frustration, grrrrr....

All I want to do is change the flight date, thereby giving them MORE money.  Why is it so hard?  Why is it so mysterious?  Who is the loser here??? ... no don't answer that.  Even armed with my trusty Velocity Club Exclusive Gadabout Customer Frequent Spender number I can't get nowhere.  This is something of a complication, given that we actually want to come home from where we're going.  Like, when WE want to.  A small point, somewhat selfish, I'll agree, but HONESTLY.  I've been working on it for an hour now and I just can't work it out.  I bet I'll have to ring the Customer Service ppls (and pay even more) to get it sorted.  Surely the website, sophisticated as it is, can manage better than triple secrecy after the customer has identified her poor innocent little self??

I think the perfume for this one has to be Draino..

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