Friday, June 13, 2008

Going Public!

Well!  Cath (The Canberra Cook blogspot) has published a link to here so I spose I'm outed now.  Better try to be more like me then.  Btw if you enjoy reading the adventures of a cyber-hooked catlovin' cookaholic, DO visit her site.  Much more purrfessional than mine is (yet).

And speaking of her site, today she sent a link to some amusing knitting sites - I have seen a live knitted dalek - our friend Ness made one in white with black blobs for her son Aidan.  The eyes and guns are kinda floppy, and the gun, knitted in white, looked suspiciously like a tampon before she sewed it on.  Most amusing.  I'm sure Aidan will have many years of fun bwastin' baddies wid it.

As for me, I have done nothing towards gwowing up today.  I visited my friend Toni who is suffering badly from a chronic pain condition.  We get together regularly to say fark to each other and provide other critical means of friendly support, like custard danishes, coffee and laughing through the tears... 

On the way home I did some scavenging.  I have developed a fondness for old wire screen doors - the rather ornamental designs.  I take the wire off, turn them around and hang them on my fence.  Then I grow things like clematis and roses and jasmine up through them to be pretty.  Today I added to my haul by one fly screen, one old wooden-framed door with very nice frosted glass, in the old style.  Our house has quite a lot of old frosted glass in it, so I'm keeping this one in case we break a pane or walk through a door or something.  

My fave scavenge item is a beautiful old fire grate.  When I learn how, I'll post a photo of it.  It's a lovely curved design, and I will have to decide if it will go in the fireplace or live outside being more garden ornamentation.  Always a struggle to decide things like this.  I don't really aspire to a garden full of quirky found objects, except I do.  It's just that I want them to look lovely, not hopelessly kitsch, and I don't know if I am arty enough to make it work the right way.  Meantime, loot is good!

And the perfume of the day is "Enjoy" by Patou.  A softer (and far cheaper, it must be said) version of the famous perfume "Joy".


Cath said...

I only put a link in the blog entry. I'll add a permanent one later when you get the tech difficulties ironed out.

IMO the grate should go in the fire, not the garden.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to write your first comment and say that if you are arty enough to think of using decorative screen doors in your garden for climber growing, then you are! So deep, eh? They sound great. In my old Canberra house I collected 50's era budgie cages and hung them all over the fence, I wish I'd brought them with me to Murrumbateman now to hang around the verandah. Cheers with the blog!