Monday, June 16, 2008

The head, not dead of...

We're both awake with headaches.  Niiiiice... this is what comes of sitting down to Be Responsible earlier, and writing lists of Things What Need To Be Done.  Very mature etc etc.  Leads, inevitably, to fretting, IMO.  Oh well.

The upside is that the cats, ever optimistic, get up to say 'oh hai brekfist hmm?' and do suspiciously affectionate things, while we totter about making toast and muttering embrocations.  I am muttering particularly loudly cos there is only skim milk left, blerk, for my hot milkies. That is to say, there IS a bit of merely low fat milk, but that must be sacredly kept for the first coffee of the day.  Skim in that would truly distress me!

And, woot, here on me blog I find comments!   You mean ppls bin reading it???  Wow... so that makes me feel ever so much better (although not actually cured as to hed of deth).  Now I can waft back to bed with my hottie (the drink, the drink) and feel ... happy.

And apply that never-fail night-time purrfume, Chanel No. 5.  But not the spray, no no.  I found it could be bought in a flask as "Elixir Sensuel", and if that isn't the most tempting thing I've ever seen then I've had my eyes closed.  Nostrils plugged.  Havin' a real UGLY day!

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