Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Faint but purrsuing...

I got better.

I got some energy.

I spent last week dashing about using it and doing great things with friends and the odd bit of business just to keep the desk tidy.

One of my favourite things was going to Clark Rubber with the Good Wimmin. I was researching outdoor mats (the sort for catching the crud off your shoes before you go inside onto the purrfectly clean and gorgeous yellow tiles...). The dude at Clark Rubber had a sniffle.

Yeah, right. I spent Friday getting sick, and all weekend in bed. Today I was having a bit of a catch-up sleep (for, alas, spending hours in bed doesn't necessarily mean sleeping), while the cleaners did magic inside and Alice the Garden and her helper son did even more miracles outside... when, lo, the phone ringeth. It was the Good Wimmin, invited by me, arrived at THREE THIRTY IN THE AFTERNOON, and finding me still asleep. Ahem.

They were purrsistent enough to knock on several doors, and, failing to rouse me, then ring up. And, once they got me blearily saying '...lo?'... offered to go away again if it was all too hard. What great friends. I don't think they actually made their own coffee, but it was a near thing.

So.. I'm on the 'getting better' trail, again. Maybe one someone will explain the actual purrpose of viruses to me, specifically the USEFUL purrpose. Cos I don't gets it.

Today brought to you by four cakes of the MOST fabulous Strawberry Eucalyptus soap, courtesy of St. Cath of the Stove.

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