Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Possible diagnosis of endless respiratory woes for about 6 weeks: chlamydial pneumonia. An 'atypical pneumonia'. I'll say. I have no idea what this really is; the only important thing is that IF it was that, I now have antibodies and so can't get it again. This applies to another few weirdo atypicals that were on the list of suspects. Cor.

Can't be proved definitively cos the timing of blood tests was somehow important and we missed the crucial dates. However my clever doc gave me the right antibiotic in case of something like this, so TA-DA I am finally, finally starting to feel better. I'm still on the 'one day up; one day down (resting)' routine, but my 'up' days are beginning to include such exotic moments of returning normality as doing the washing, dusting a few things, making scones for my Good Wimmin's visit; finishing TWO (simple) scarves; and considering some weeding.

That idea didn't make it past the back door, that air is too cold for my pore old face. But the thought was there.

AND, great great relief, I am beginning to recover my sense of smell. Today three nice things wafted past me: Gucci Flora; the scent of some quinces in a bowl; and the aroma of the scones as they came out of the oven.


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