Thursday, April 2, 2009

Quiet silence...

Still feeling very subdued... there's a biiiig Maccy-shaped hole in the house. Small reminders of his huge purrsonality follow one after the other. Sprinkling petals on his grave helps, a little.

Still receiving messages from around the world, literally, such kind words. Stunned shock from friends who can't see email regularly.

We know he was a very special kind of angel. We like knowing he's still around dispensing good karma and felinitude. His voice can be heard in the distance, asking for fud or expwessing outwage that the doors won't open. And the purring!

I just want him back. I may have to change the photo at the front of this blog, I don't know if I can bear to keep seeing it.

I knew from very early days, that parting from Maccy would be very difficult. The grief and sense of lamentation is so strong ... nothing mere about this puss. I guess it will ease ... somehow I owe it to him to keep him close in my mind, to somehow go on thanking him for 12 years of sublime companionship.

Today ... there is no today. Just a blur of time since last Saturday when we laid him to rest. Great sadness..

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Ness said...

*big hugs and much love*