Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Looks like it's goodbye, old boy..

Darling Maccy had an ultrasound today. The vet found what are almost certainly cancer cells, and peritonitis. The samples have been rushed off to a lab to confirm the diagnosis, but we're not hopeful of it being something benign. When the vet rang us, her voice said it all; she was sombre, quiet and so regretful.

We went to visit our boy, and he was purry, but eyes dilated and very floppity. He refused food, and was happy just to be held - and sobbed over. I couldn't help myself, that little shaved body, all limp .. he'll stay in hospital on a drip, being treated with antibiotics and pain relief until we know what decisions must be made.

I'm not hopeful that we'll bring him home, except to lie him down somewhere in the front yard where he can rest peacefully and enjoy the passing parade of people going to and from the shops, and the resident wattle birds and rosellas arguing overhead.

Today brought to you by much sadness and many tears. I took his blanky in and just seeing him wrapped in it nearly killed me. It hurts very much to be losing our faithful furry companion.

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