Sunday, November 23, 2008

What I did after the pill worked..

Sorted many, many things off the top of my work table, so I could sort many, many more things. Felt a great sense of orderliness and sortitude.

Cleaned wax, crud, old spiders and soot off the hearth surrounds, dropped the little glass cat and broke its tail, and made it all look tidy around the fireplace.

Had to wash many, many things sitting underneath the 'striking' vases on the kitchen window-ledge - some pesky pesk has eaten the leaves and shat all over the place. Now the striking geraniums are pristine, as is half the bloody kitchen, and the pests have been spifflicated.

Got some pre-wrapping christmas present sorting done. Decided to give most of it to myself. Not sure how this plan will appeal to my relatives and friends, surely if I just explain carefully???

Thought to myself that one grumpy husband is worth two with a kick up the bum, but failed to test the theory. Made do with a bit of muttering instead.

Now I shall have some bourbon in my hot milk, to be sipped while I get to grrrrips with a nice new murder book.

Today brought to you by Ajax, lots of dust bunnies, and a hand massage with L'Occitane Geranium Oil. Very, very smooth and soothing...

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