Thursday, April 12, 2012

M is a bit sick..

.. so he's in bed.  I'm dashin about lodging forms for things and being efficient and such.  Again.

I read some amusing stuff on one of my favourite blogs today ( about one's Inner Knitter.  I'm not sure whether the blog entry or the comments are funnier. But there is some priceless stuff about the Inner Adolescent which gave me a good laugh in the middle of a bit of an ordinary day.  I think my condition is more one of adolescent senility..

M is going to be fine.  No ambulances to be seen here, move along please.

No perfume was harmed in the writing of this post.  However a dire need for a cat arose and I'm not sure how best to assuage it.  Going home isn't possible just now.


(The word not the beast..)

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