Sunday, March 13, 2011

Could it REALLY be true...?

We were told on Friday that it's about time for us to go home. For M to go to our local hospital to continue general rehab, for me to resume life in our home with our cat and the garden... and for all of us, to get on with the next stage of adjusting to a very changed life.

Mad packing and swinging emotions as we get ready to leave, because what we have here is so known now... tonight, as we sat together in his half-stripped hospital room, reflecting on the last nearly 14 months, we suddenly started to think of things we WON'T mind not knowing! Some of the routines, the smells, certain behaviours by certain people... the endlessness of long-term rehab, with the teeny-tiny advances. And the utter, utter boredom of contemplating either the hospital food trolley OR any of the many local food outlets. Been there, DONE THAT!

So here we come, housie, cattie, friends and old familiarities, we want to get blase about you all over again.

News like this can only be brought to you by Gucci, or Prada. So I've worn too much of both of them, one yesterday, one today. If I could find Essence de Home, I'd never wear another...

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Hil said...

Welcome home, my dear.