Monday, January 12, 2009

Noxious weeds.

I decided to look them up, so I wouldn't spend the whole night wondering if I know less than I thought. If you want to check, go to 'Weeds Australia- Noxious Weeds List'.

I am delighted to report that apart from the plants I listed, I have also eradicated or refused to accept these plants for my garden:

- periwinkle
- radiata pine/cypress pine
- St John's wort
- broad-leaf and Chinese privet
- asparagus fern
- willow
- Chinese elm
- pampas grass
- false acacia

However I am alarmed to skim through the list and see that some plants I have, or have planned, appear on the list. I'll need to investigate plants such as cape daisy, golden rain tree, flax (some ok, some not); and see if I'm still legal! I know I can't add blackberries, for example, to my fence of thorns.

Interesting reading. There's a lot of area-specific plants, many weeds which I suspect I couldn't identify easily. And some are deadly poison in one state but not noted anywhere else. Very interesting and confusing!

Do YOU have a innoxuous garden??

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