Thursday, September 4, 2008

Problem solved (thank goddess)

Phil the travel agent of miracles, has found us flights from here to Warsaw, then W to Krakow, taking only 2.5 hours of flight time. And the cost is only a little less than one extra night of hotel (ie on top of our pre-paid bookings, which would mean that a night in Warsaw would be an extra cost on top of the booked night in Riga, which we can't get out of paying for now; too close to arrival time..) plus bus and/or train tickets.. so we're gonna fly. Departing at 6.25 am, ouch. Oh well. It solves too many problems for such an early morning to be An Issue!

And now I must flee cos the puter is running out of battery.

Today brought to you by proper muesli and (inadvertently) creeeeaaammm in my coffeee, nommm.

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