Friday, July 18, 2008

Tank you all karmic lawds and forces...

... cos I been wrangling my new puter via Perth and Bombay since 11.30pm yesterday, and in spite of much scuttling between my study and his, inventions of 10 digit numbers, a cold cuppa coffee and some muttering, it seemed that I would not be able to get Net access on my shiny new Airport.

Anguish. Sobgnashmuttermuttermutter...

Then, miwacles!!!! It just decided that if I asked it very nicely to connect to the Net (as if I hadn't just spent about eleventy-hundred grey hairs and almost a whole nervous system on failing to do just that) natch, Net access, why not?

So now, at last, yesterday is over.

Brought to you by a number of godly forces, such as the purrfect dorter, Diorissimo, Mal, a crucial bottle of champagne, and the wonders of the interwebs. And not forgetting Wendy, who let me pat her for once. My baby ... but I is hysterical.


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Anonymous said...

Hey BJ - how is the in the moment going? OS travel is supposed to promote this - you are of course allowed to not be in the moment if jetlagged. M